The Sula Community Clubhouse is a log building, about 2500 sq/ft, with a complete kitchen, library, restrooms, a large open main room, piano and seating for over 60 people. After burning down in the late 50's, local volunteers decided to rebuild the clubhouse, and over 3 years, beginning in 1985, raised the money and materials necessary to rebuild the clubhouse, and over 3 years, beginning in 1985, raised the money and materials necessary to build the clubhouse.  Recently, in 2007 the entire outside was refurbished though raffles and donations of materials and labor.


In the past, the Clubhouse has been host to Elections, Blood Drives, Senior Meals, and Fire Information Meetings (especially in 2000). The Clubhouse currently serves the Sula Country Life Club, Sula Volunteer Fire Department, Sula Cemetery Assocation, Sula Historical Society, QRU, our local Church and Forest Service meetings. It is open 24/7, year round.


Currently, the expenses for Propane, Electric, Trash and Insurance to keep the Clubhouse open is $406 a month.  The cost will go up if repairs are needed. In the next few years, the Clubhouse will need repairs to the kitchen counters, new flooring in the kitchen, and also new wallpaper for the kitchen and bathrooms. Every two years the main floor maintenance schedule runs about $500 to buff and resurface the floor. As with all our expenses, we are currently looking into other more cost effective products that will also last longer. The Clubhouse is available for rentals, and we are also currently working on advertising to bring more attention to the Clubhouse features and what it has to offer. It is available for weddings, birthdays, anniversary's, memorials and meetings at some of the lowest costs in the Bitterroot. Local memorials are assisted by the Sula Country Life Club at no cost to the family.


The Clubhouse receives its funds from donations and rentals. All upkeep, maintanence and cleaning are all volunteer based and duties are performed by the dedicated and caring people in the valley.


Donations for the Sula Clubhouse are always greatly appreciated, and can me mailed to:

Sula Community Clubhouse PO Box 86 Sula, Mt 59871.  The Clubhouse is 501c3 Non-Profit.

Tax ID #81-0486133


We currently have a donation site at : gofundme.com/sulaclubhouse  

All Donations make a huge difference to the Clubhouse and its daily functions.